Flashing firmware


You can also update the firmware using web platform.



You have to install usdr-tools package first.
Please refer to the Software installation document.
  • Connect the uSDR module to the computer using a USB adapter or Development board (Both PCIe and USB-C options are supported)

  • Download the required firmware file.

  • Open a terminal and run the following command:

usdr_flash -w <firmware_file>
  • Wait for the process to complete.

  • WARNING: Please do not disconnect the device during the flashing process.

  • When flashing is complete, perform a “power cycle” of the device (reconnect it)


You can download the firmware files from the firmwares repository.


root@raspberry:~# usdr_flash -w usdr_top_all.bin
Device was created: `usb@3/1/2`!
Flash ID id 1f16421f (Adesto SPI/QPI series 32 Mb)!
Actual firmware in use:      FirmwareID a2b0b731 (20240520112849)
Golden image: DEVID 0362d093 FirmwareID 29b02372 (20240305021350)
Master image: DEVID 0362d093 FirmwareID a2b0b731 (20240520112849)
Writing 1310720 bytes at 001c0000; flash(G/M) = 29b02372/a2b0b731 [1] new = aab135c4 current = a2b0b731 { flash(G/M) = 20240305021350/20240520112849 new = 20240521192304 current = 20240520112849 } !
Reading 1310720 bytes!
Write successful!